Good day! My name is Ekaterina Ilyina, welcome to the site of labrador breeding kennel "RAINRIVER"!

My Labradors - this is my life, my joy and my pride! They gave me a whole new world, full of love and boundless devotion. I hope you'll like my dog, and you share with me a love for this wonderful breed!


The dogs were my true friends from childhood, but really they changed my life in 2003. After a long search and preparations, to us from Odessa came Ronochka (RONA GOLD Odyssey), fawn female Labrador. Start, dog shows, hunting, puppies ... I dived into this world with my head and found it myself. Like most dogs Ukrainian breeding at that time, Rona has no stellar exterior, but she was able to win all the the title for Champion of Ukraine, won the hearts of experts temperament and loving Labrador look! Its major victories, I think Best Female Specialty Show in Sevastopol and Best of Breed, Best of Breed and Best in Show-3 at the regional plemsmotre. But the greatest success Ronchi reached in the hunt, thanks largely to a good working blood - inbreeding 3 * 4 at the most titled of today working Labrador Ukraine Gabriel Eibl off Blake Cress (Pst-OKD, ZKS-Pst, diplomas on the duck-1-Shst on the block 1-Pst, on blood trace 1-Pst)


In 2005, FCI has been registered in our breeding factory "RAINRIVER". This name symbolizes one of the most beautiful and powerful incarnations of water elements - WATERFALLS!

In 2006, we received the first litter from the Rhone and CH. Hunter Submarine Ebony Amber. This litter was born Nicka (RAINRIVER SHARDONE FOR GOLDEN LADY) repeated prize exhibitions and working trials, ow. Kandaurov Olga, Krivoy Rog. Second Rona'slitter we received in 2007 from CH.Hunter Submarine Fashion Choice. All puppies have left for their new families. A few worked on exhibitions, other hunting, someone just had a good time with a favorite host - most importantly, that they are all happy!

Retriveromaniya - disease of the twenty-first century, did not pass it to me. Thoughts on the second dog appeared already when Ronchi year old. Two years it took to choose from, and in 2006 our Labrador family is joined by two wonderful chocolate littermates Trisha (HUNTER SUBMARINE HOT CHOCOLATE) and Fedor (HUNTER SUBMARINE HONEY TEDDY). Also in Ukraine on the Rights of co-ownership had come to a wonderful sister Rada (HUNTER SUBMARINE HAPPY HOLLYDAY) owner Melnyk Victoria Kherson. Their parents both Interchampions, and his father still champion Russia on working qualities! In total, the pedigree 7 Interchampions and grandmother BRIGHTLIGHT OF MOSCOW NANSY HANKS through the maternal line is the most title LABRADOR RUSSIA - Inter Champion, Champion of 15 countries, as well as the Champion of Russia on working qualities! Kids met the expectations: Fedor to a one and half years has become the holder of four league titles and repeated the Best of the breed. Trisha found herself in the hunt, her passion and instinct to be envied. Raising poultry under a shot, she learned as early as five months. Many seasoned hunters recognized in Labrador hunting dog, seeing Trishina work.

In the spring of 2007, as the rights of co-ownership, came a black female Jassi (HUNTER SUBMARINE JOLLY JAZ) owner Tatiana Doroshenko, Nikolaev (Voskresenskoe). Jasso inbred 2 * 2 at a very handsome dog Ihopesheriff Delle Acque Lucenti
born izvestnm Italian kennel "ACQUE LUCENTI".

In the 2008-2009 year are planned matings Trichet, Rada and Jasso. Since they begin a new stage in the development of our nursery, which will lead us to a new level and open up great prospects for the future!